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I notice that StringBuilder is backed up by an array, which makes it allocate a single memory block. I don't like that behavior because the memory is highly fragmented and somtimes it's hard to find a big enough block of memory, which triggers the GC...

I wonder if there is a version of StringBuilder backed up by a linked list, which would be more memory-friendly.

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This screams "premature optimization." (Also, I suspect that memory fragmentation, while common in languages with manual memory allocation, isn't nearly as common a thing in GC'd languages.) –  Louis Wasserman Oct 3 '12 at 17:25
My profiler says different. It triggers a GC just to allocate 600k of memory. I can't afford a GC at certain times. –  milan Oct 10 '12 at 6:16

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First of all I'd seriously question the need for an alternative: for most use-cases the implementation of StringBuilder is perfectly sensible and works just fine. Measure before you decide.

If you indeed need similar objects of such enormous size that this becomes a problem, then something like Ropes for Java might help: It's effectively a library of many different CharacterSequence implementations (with a common interface Rope) optimized for different interactions.

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