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I am using make to build my project. I have glfw as a dependency, it uses cmake to generate the Makefile. This is how I call cmake from my Makefile:

ifeq ($(OS),"MinGW")
    cd $(CBUILD_PATH)$(PATH_SEP)glfw && \
    cd $(CBUILD_PATH)$(PATH_SEP)glfw && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS)
    cd $(CBUILD_PATH)$(PATH_SEP)glfw$(PATH_SEP)src && echo "..\..\..\$(IMPLIB) /s glfw3.lib glfw3.dll && exit;" | cmd
    cd $(CBUILD_PATH)$(PATH_SEP)glfw && \
    cd $(CBUILD_PATH)$(PATH_SEP)glfw && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS)

Not very elegant but it works. I can specify a -m64 flag for GCC to build 64 bit binaries on a 32 bit machine but I don't know how to make cmake add this flag to the command line (without patching the CMakeLists.txt). It feels like there most be a commandline solution, but I wasn't able to find it. Note, I need this mainly for Windows, I am using MinGW/Msys there.

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You need to detect your arch in the Makefile and then conditionally add


to the cmake call.

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