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I just found this set of icons and the license suits my needs: http://icons8.com/download-huge-windows8-set/

They all come in one single SVG file and now my questions:

  1. Should I use SVG file? I could perhaps use it as background-image with background-position set to particular icon but how can I enlarge them then?
  2. How to (quickly, easily) create font file out of such single, big SVG file? It would be more convenient.
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Can I ask why would you convert a set of icons to a font? Fonts were not designed to handle icons/pictures, so I am not sure if doing so would actually met your needs/expectations. –  gilamesh Oct 18 '12 at 6:12
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  1. see e.g Is there an equivalent of spriting for SVG images in web pages? I've not looked at the file you link to, but as long as it's structured nicely it should be rather easy to turn it into an svg stack.
  2. Not sure if there are any existing tools that does that.
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