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i'm in engineering school and i'm very new in website development (not in my only did C language and algorithm) and i'd like to make one beautiful. By searching, i read that using Padrino/Sinatra could be nice. I installed it, but i didn't find a tutorial which regroup all. I'm so lost cause i find too much information but no good examples. In guides, i can't find anything on : how to design websites, how to make a menu...I think i really need examples or templates to start (a code to read).


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Does it have to be in Ruby? You could just use a Wordpress/Joomla!/Drupal site. What do you need the site for? – ChrisForrence Oct 3 '12 at 12:40
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You can start from here:

It cover most of important concept of padrino and sinatra.

The best way I suggest is to look a bit into opensource websites, for example ours:

On github there are thousands of websites built with padrino or sinatra, so you can find more less/higher complicated.

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