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I have used given in http://jeungun.wordpress.com/2009/09/18/binding-to-dynamically-generated-form-elements-in-spring-mvc/,

i am converting that output to xml using jaxb, Since the above example returns array list, the output is coming like below,


but i want an output like below,


How to acheive this using jaxb?

I have used the belowcode:

 public class item {
    public String getLabel() {
        return label;

    public void setLabel(String label) {
        this.label = label;

    public String getOutput() {
        return output;

    public void setOutput(String output) {
        this.output= output;

    private String label;
    private String output;

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It does the job for me...HurrAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYyYy


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