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I want the user to fill in exactly 3 forms in my formset, there are of course only 3 forms in my formset on the frontend but I want to make sure a user doesn't craft it's own POST. I've come up with this:

class ThisFormset(BaseInlineFormSet):
    def clean(self):
        results = super(ThisFormset, self).clean()
        count = len(filter(lambda f: f.is_valid() and f.clean(), self.forms))

        if count != 3:
            raise forms.ValidationError("Must fill in 3")

        return results

Is there a better way of doing the len(filter(lambda f: f.is_valid() and f.clean(), self.forms)) portion to get the count?

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See: Django: Make all formset forms required? for an example of requiring all forms in a formset to be valid.

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