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How can I change the data in the table?

MySql Tablo:

ID  --   DATA1    --   DATA2    --     DATA3   

1         test1         0               asd
2         test2         0               dsa
3         test3         0               sda
..         ..           0               ...
..         ..           0               ...
2000      test4818      0               ads

How can I change the data in Data2?

I want to do this;

Data2: 0 to 1

How do I need a PHP code?

Thank you!

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Have you read MySQL doc ? You should refer to UPDATE command –  Touki Oct 3 '12 at 12:48

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you don't need a php code.

just update them.


You can use this update from php too, but this is MySQLs not PHPs business.

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Data2: 0 to 1 How do I need a PHP code?

No you didn't need a php code. Use the UPDATE statement to do this like so:

UPDATE YourTableName
SET Data2 = 1
WHERE Data2 = 0;
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