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I am using wicket-charts to create a chart on a page. I'm trying to make a graph that looks a lot like the example on this page I want two y-axis - one on each side of the graph. However the example code doesn't seem to do that. I can see how to do it in js from highcharts examples on but I can't work out how to implement it using wicket-charts.

Please help!

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The latest code in the wicket-charts svn has the class "Options" with a method called addyAxis.

 * Adds an YAxis to the chart. You can use {@link #setyAxis(Axis)} if you want
 * to define a single axis only.
 * @param yAxis
 *          the YAxis to add.
 * @return the {@link Options} object for chaining.
public Options addyAxis(final Axis yAxis) {
    if (this.getyAxis() == null) {
        this.setyAxis(new ArrayList<Axis>());
    return this;

I think this method is in the wicked-charts-highcharts-1.3.0-SNAPSHOT.jar version, if not they might not have released it yet. Im pretty sure this is what you need.

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