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I have implemented database driven ACL functionality using controller plugin predispatch() function.

It's working fine. But it stopped requests to be sent on my error controller.

for example if specified controller / Action is not defined then system shows message "Access Denied" instead of showing "Request / Page not found".

So my question how can I implement both ACl and error handling in single plugin using predispatch() method.

Any help please.

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You should set permission for error controller in your DB.

So current user(role id) should have permission to access the error controller.

I don't know you're structure of DB tables but in my way(probably is similar):

INSERT INTO "resources" ("id","name","description") VALUES (11,'error', 'Error controller');
INSERT INTO "permissions" ("role_id", "resource_id", "is_allowed") VALUES (1, 11, 't');

First insert in resource table and then in permission table.

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In your controller plugin, redirect to the error controller if necessary:


The accessAction has to be put into the error controller if you want a special page, or you can simply use the existing errorAction

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This is not exactly what I want. I think You did notgot what I am asking –  Lucifer Oct 4 '12 at 7:35
Then your question might be optimized. –  Sven Oct 4 '12 at 7:53

You should add your error controller to your ACL plugin by default for all users.

if (!$this->has('Default_Error')) {
    $this->allow('guest', 'Default_Error');

This way everyone is allowed to see error controller.

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