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I need to split a string and store it in an array. here i used string.gmatch method, and its splitting the characters exactly, but my problem is how to store in an array ? here is my script. my sample string format : touchedSpriteName = Sprite,10,rose

objProp = {}
for key, value in string.gmatch(touchedSpriteName,"%w+") do 
objProp[key] = value
print ( objProp[2] )

if i print(objProp) its giving exact values.

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Your expression does not return two values (for key and for value), it returns only one. Your words will end up in keys, and values will remain empty. You should rewrite the loop to iterate over one item, like this:

objProp = {}
touchedSpriteName = "touchedSpriteName = Sprite,10,rose"
index = 1
for value in string.gmatch(touchedSpriteName,"%w+") do 
    objProp [index] = value
    index = index + 1

This prints Sptite (link to demo on ideone).

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hi dasblinkenlight, Thank you and just now get the same answer from this link.. – ssss05 Oct 3 '12 at 13:27

Here's a nice function that explodes a string into an array. (Arguments are divider and string)

-- Source:
-- Credit:
function explode(div,str)
    if (div=='') then return false end
    local pos,arr = 0,{}
    for st,sp in function() return string.find(str,div,pos,true) end do
        pos = sp + 1
    return arr
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