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I am new to magnolia and trying configure the breadcrum for the site. I have look at the documentation and it is very limited.

<div id="breadcrumb">
       [#list model.breadcrumb as item]
           [#if item_has_next]
               <li><a href="${item.href}">${item.navigationTitle}</a></li>

I found the script above which render the breadcrumb but struggle with configuration. Can you give me an example (with picture) if possible.

Thank you very much

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I'm not sure you need to configure the breadcrumb for your site.

If you use the STK (Standard Templating Kit) pages templates, like stkArticle, stkSection, etc, then you get the bread crumb trail for free.

What I've done is to extend STK templates then override the areas/main/templateScript value to point at my own freemarker script. The script then looks like this:

    <div id="main" role="main">
        [@cms.area name="breadcrumb" content=content/]
        [@cms.area name="intro" content=content/]
        [@cms.area name="opener"/]
        [@cms.area name="content"/]


Hope this helps.

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