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I want to distribute a specialized GCC on debian. Since GCC requires that it be built in a separate directory from the source directory, where neither is a subdirectory of the other (AFAIK), the standard debian/rules file won't work, as it puts build directory as a subdirectory of the source directory. I took a look at debian's GCC rules file, and it's hugely overcomplicated for my needs.

So my question: How do you get debhelper to use a source and build directory inside of the package directory? By default, package_dir==src_dir. How can I get this layout:

      configure, ...
      libgcc/, ... 
      control, ...
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this obviously heavily depends on your debian/rules. a good start

#!/usr/bin/make -f
     dh $@ --builddirectory=build

alternatively you could override the auto_build target completely (or partially) to fit your needs:

     #build gcc as it is supposed to be built

and of course you could just check, how the gcc maintainers do it...

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