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I want to generate a crystal report which is having 2*M columns and N rows. M is determined by user. This 2*M columns will be having values from a single column of sql database. I am firing M sql qurey where every query will fetch 2*N value from a single column. How can i generate crystal report?

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Create your report (group by User Id, order by date and time so you will have all I and O for user ordered by time)

Add two parameters called StartDate and EndDate

Use Record - Selection Formula and then Drag your elements (or type text) so that you'll have:

{Comand.Date}>={?StartDate} AND   {Comand.Date}<{?EndDate}

Note that date entered by user will be 00.00.00, while date recorded in DB has time. You will have to add 1 day to EndDate to have <= instead of < .

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thanks greco.. i am developing attendance system from a database. Database has three column userid, datetime and I/O type(0 or 1 value). I/O type determines whether user came in or went out. Now I have to generate crystal report having IN and OUT time for each user from X date to Y date based on user input. For that I am fetching IN and OUT time(based on some conditions) for every user from datetime column using sql query. –  Ajay Parmar Oct 4 '12 at 7:35

When you create the crystal report there is one option for the label report. you can pass the M through the parameter and create the 2*m and N report.

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