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Im using the jquery cycle plugin to make some slideshows on my page.

$(document).ready(function() {

    fx:      'fade', 
    speed:    300, 
    timeout:  5000 


But i also want to make some partial update of the div container to make sure these new comments gets into rotation

 setInterval(function() {
  $("#update1").load(location.href+" #update1>*","");
  }, 30000);

But after doing this the cycle stops working for. I suspect I have to rebind the cycle to an event but which and how I can't figure out

My HTML looks like this

   <div id="update1">

        <div id="slideshow" class="slide_container">


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The answer was here

jquery .live on load event

Needed to bind the function call to the partial update

$("#update1").load(location.href+" #update1>*",function(){
  }, 30000);
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