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How can I, given a Unix timestamp, find the timestamp of the Monday at 0:00, closest before it.

mondaybefore = findit(some_random_timestamp)

I have no access to calendar info, just the Unix timestamp, which is UTC. Monday is assumed to be a Monday according to ISO 8601.

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I think you'll have to use an appropriate date library. The idea of "Monday" is calendar-specific, will be variant due to daylight saving time (assuming you want a particular time in that Monday), and can differ depending on your timezone (strictly speaking, UNIX timestamps should be based on UTC).

I suppose if you wanted a naive implementation, you could subtract the timestamp of interest from a known Monday (at midnight) and integer-divide by 86,400 (= 24 * 60 * 60). If the resultant value is a 0, you've found a Monday. But this would only be valid within the UTC timezone and wouldn't adjust for daylight saving time.

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In Python, the solution would look like this:

def find_nearest_previous_monday(t):
    r = (t  - (t % WEEK)) - (3 * DAY)
    if (t - r) >= WEEK:
        r += WEEK

    return r

and in C, like this:

time_t find_nearest_previous_monday(const time_t t)
    time_t r;

    r = (t - (t % WEEK)) - (3 * DAY)
    if (t - r) >= WEEK {
        r += WEEK;

    return r;
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