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In building an applications with Rails 3.2 and Postgres hstore, I'm running into an issue with a non-ActiveRecord model (using ActiveAttr at the moment, but open to other options). In short, I need to query the database to retrieve the set of keys in the hstore. As far as I can tell, this is only possible via a direct, non-ActiveRecord::Query statement.

My current code looks like this:

def self.keys(query)
  # FIXME Need to determine how to sanitize input
  sql = "SELECT DISTINCT key FROM ( SELECT skeys(data) AS key from \"products\" ) AS keys"
  if(query && !query.empty?)
    sql += " WHERE lower(key) LIKE '%#{query.downcase}%'"

This works, but doesn't sanitize the input query. If I try to create an array instead and change the key line to sql += " WHERE lower(key) LIKE ?" I get this error in my logs:

Could not log "sql.active_record" event. NoMethodError: undefined method `squeeze' for #<Array:0x007fd9968704e8>
TypeError: wrong argument type Array (expected String): ["SELECT DISTINCT key FROM ( SELECT skeys(data) AS key from \"products\" ) AS keys WHERE lower(key) LIKE ?", "%o%"]

Is it possible to call the appropriate sanitization method externally, or at least perform the same logic in my model?

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