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I'm making a mobile application with jQuery Mobile. It's going well but there is one major issue I can't resolve.

I have single index.html with several pages (data-role=page). I call these pages with click events in my javascript since I pass parameters. The pages consist of listviews which are created (live pagebeforeshow) from a json file (based on the parameters). For instance, on the categories page, you click a certain category, it's ID gets passed to the next page which displays the subcategories of this category in a new list.

Now the strange thing is that often, not always, when I click the back button, or when I close a dialog, the click event that opened that page or that dialog, gets automatically triggered again. For instance, you click an item in the list. The click event triggers a dialog to pop-up. You close the dialog, the list (previous page) gets reloaded and immediatly the dialog pops up again as if the click event gets triggered again... very strange.

I have no clue.

This is an example of an event I use to tell the browser to get the json and display what I need.

$('#dialog_zin_nl').live('pagebeforeshow', function(event, data) {

*here comes all the code that has to happen on this page like getting the right json stuff and appending it to the html...

after that (inside this 'pagebeforeshow') I declare my button click events like this

$("#execute_sub_rubriek").on("click", ".selected_zin_nl", function(event){
                    var selected_zin_nl  = $(this).attr('selected-zin-nl');
                    $.mobile.changePage( "#dialog_zin_nl?current_rubriek=" + current_rubriek_id + "&current_sub_rubriek=" + current_sub_rubriek_id + "&current_zin=" + selected_zin_nl + "", { role: "dialog"} );

If anyone ever came across this same problem or knows what's wrong. Please explain me.


EDIT If I use pageinit I don't have this problem. Though I cannot use pageinit since the content of the page has to be refreshed when a user choses another category for instance.

A thought of mine: is it possible to call pageinit if the page gets called by the back button and pagebeforeshow if the page is called by another button?

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You're adding an on listener in the event pagebeforeshow and since pageshow fires when you navigate back to the page it will add a second on listener and that's why your code is behaving oddly.

You need to separate your pageinit and pageshow code, think carefully pageinit should only initialize a page, pageshow gets called everytime a page is viewed, so if you have dynamic content you should be refreshing your DOM there, but attach your on listeners in your pageinit so it only ever happens once.

Here's a link to a similar question which highlights how we cleaned up our JS on our jQM site: - if you organize it this way it makes a lot more sense - especially keeping track of what fires when and what runs when.

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