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I have a MySQL DB with a column that sometimes has a value of "-1", how can I change that to "0" during the SELECT without doing a foreach loop on the result. Basically I want the 'display' value to be 0 if the DB value is -1. If the DB value is anything else then it should be displayed without modification.

Any ideas???

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You can use case syntax:

select case 
       when col = -1 then 0
       else col
       end case
from Tab


  select case col
           when -1 then 0
           else col
           end case
    from Tab

Here are more informations.

or if construct

select if(col=-1,0,col)
from Tab

Here are more informations.

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I think IF() statement is more simple but that is only my opinion. –  Zaffy Oct 3 '12 at 13:40
@Zaffy I edited the post, thanks! –  Parado Oct 3 '12 at 13:45

Another option then case statement is IF function as below given

SELECT IF(column = -1, 0, column) AS state FROM table
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A friend on App.net chimed in with:

SELECT IF(mycol=-1, 0, mycol)

Which seems to work a treat. :)

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Or "IF" scalar function for shorter syntax

SELECT IF (col = -1, 0, col)


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