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I am trying to come in terms with git as I recently started using it (long time subversion user) and I cannot find a way to clone a remote branch with tortoise git

I have created a local branch which I pushed to github, but when I try to clone (checkout) this remote branch I cannot find any way to do it

Any help?


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You don't normally clone a remote branch, you clone the entire repository. Once it's cloned, you can checkout out that branch. Also, although you specifically asked about Tortoise, if you don't mind dropping to command line, you can execute this command. –  R0MANARMY Oct 3 '12 at 13:52
git clone -b branch_name. Currently (v1.7.13), no such function provided by TortoiseGit. –  linquize Oct 4 '12 at 2:32

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As stated by linquize, this functionality isn't directly provided by TortoiseGit. If you really want to use it though, you can:

  • Clone the repository that the branch belongs to (right-click menu -> Git Clone...). This will also checkout the working copy created by clone to HEAD

TortoiseGit clone window

  • Switch the working copy from HEAD to the desired branch/tag (right-click menu -> TortoiseGit -> Switch/Checkout)

TortoiseGit switch window

This will take a bit longer than from the command line, because the initial clone command implies a checkout to head, which you then have to switch back to the branch/tag you want.

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Note that the current version of TortoiseGit does have a "branch" input on in the clone dialog - entering the name of the remove branch in this input will check it out directly. –  mindplay.dk Jan 15 '13 at 3:21

Unfortunately, current TortoiseGit (TortoiseGit can not clone specific branch. You may ask feature request.

The work around:

  1. Use manual git command, e.g.: git clone --recursive --branch 2.x-1.0
  2. Use another git GUI, e.g. SmartGit

Another way is clone all branches then delete unwanted branches, even this is not a good solution especially if you have many branches with many tags (and different file-names) but this is the workaround so far until TortoiseGit provide it. I choose to clone branch manually using command line. This question only happed on WINDOWS users because git version of Linux already provide --branch options.

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(This is as of TortoiseGit v1.8.3.0)

Do a "Git -> Git Sync" first in Tortoise context menu. (Note: you may have to hold shift down as you right click, depending on how you have Git Sync set to show up in your context menu)

There will be a button in there at the bottom left called "Remote Update". Do that, and it will pull down all of the new remote branches that are not present in your local repository.

Remote Update

After that, you should be able to do "Git -> Git Checkout" as normal, and the branch you want will show up in the list.

Should note that this same procedure can be used to inform TortoiseGit about new branches that have been created in the remote repository, whether you originally created them or not.

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It's available in Git clone window: http://prntscr.com/679tds

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