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I want to use the most recent version of Expess with node.js in TypeScript. The express.d.ts provided by microsoft in the samples seems to be built upon a versions prior to 3.0.x. In previous version you could do

var app = express.createServer()

but after 3.0.x you should do:

var app = express();

Express.d.ts does not support this... I've found a hack around this: I've added the following line to Express.d.ts:

export function(): any;

In app.ts when I want to create the app object I do the following:

var app = <express.ExpressServer>express();

This seems to fix the issue, it's compiling without an error, and also I get intellisense support. However this is a hack... First of all why can't I write something like this?

export function(): ExpressServer;

Is this the recommended way to fix this issue?

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Pretty old discussion, but I ran into the same problem recently and found that there is a new express.d.ts that properly supports express 3 on the DefinitelyTyped site.

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You should be able to add this ambient function declaration to express.d.ts to get what you want.

declare function express(): ExpressServer;

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Not sure what you mean.... i want this this: ///<reference path='express.d.ts'/> import express = module('express'); import vlcApi = module('vlc-node'); var app = <express.ExpressServer>express(); and i have this in the express.d.ts file: ///<reference path='node.d.ts' /> declare module "express" { export function createServer(): ExpressServer; export function static(path: string): any; export function(): any; //this is my hack since export function(): ExpressServer; does not work import http = module("http"); export var listen; Could you clarify please? –  Zoltan Arvai Oct 3 '12 at 15:01
Ah. I see now they have put the ExpressServer interface inside the module express declaration. That's why it isn't accessible from outside as in my example. Looks like that express.d.ts file would have to be refactored to move those interface declarations into the outer-scope so that the ambient function declaration I showed can be added. –  silent__thought Oct 3 '12 at 15:09
I get it now. Thats a definitely a way to go. :) –  Zoltan Arvai Oct 3 '12 at 15:29

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