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I just have a little trouble with the symfony regex pattern in a routing config.

I would like to match both /keyword and /keyword/ URLs. The / character is optional.
Here is my pattern :

pattern:  /{keyword}/?

/keyword/ matches the pattern, while /keyword does not.

How should I write the pattern ?

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If you add the trailing slash, it is optional — a user will be redirected from the path without the slash to the path with it. So, the /{keyword}/ pattern will work for both /{keyword} and /{keyword}/.

However, if you define it without the trailing slash — /{keyword} — it will work for /{keyword} only.

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Thanks. Indeed, I noticed that the /keyword url was requesting a 301 redirection towards /keyword/. It seems to be quite good for SEO :) –  Yako Oct 4 '12 at 7:42

I don't think you can have a RegEx pattern in a route. The keyword can be required to have a specific RegEx pattern, but that's a different matter.

If you're using YML, then I think the best thing to do is to have two different routes:

    pattern: /{keyword}

    pattern: /{keyword}/

If you're using annotations, you can put them both at the top of the controller action:

* @Route("/{keyword}");
* @Route("/{keyword}/");
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In the controller where your function is use the annotations :

 * Function
 * @Route("your/route/{keyword}")
 * @Route("your/route/{keyword}/")

And you'll be able to access to this function with both routes.

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Do not create a second route. "@Route("acme/{keyword}/") is sufficient. –  jayem Nov 4 '13 at 22:51

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