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I set up a TYPO3 website using TYPO3 4.7. The website is bilingual (German/English) and the are 'speaking' using RealURL. The default language is German.

So far it works nicely. I get URLs like:



If the user changes the language to English, he gets URLs like:



If the changes the language back to German, he gets URLs like:



The problem is: This creates duplicates for search engines. So, I would like the default language also to use the language parameter for German 'de' as a default in the URLs before the user changes the language.

Does anyone had the same problem before?

Thank you, Chris

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Try not to define dafault language in realurl config. Smth like this should be enough:

    'GETvar' => 'L',
    'valueMap' => array(
        'en' => '1',
        'noMatch' => 'bypass',
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