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I have a repeater .On which intap I am giving a method.Like that I want to give different method onswipe of each row.

{kind: "Scroller",classes:"enyo.fit",touch:true,style: "width: 314px; height:380px;",components: [
{kind: "Repeater", onSetupItem:"setupItem", components: [
        {name:"item",classes:"repeaterdesign" ,components: [
            {tag:"span", name: "DetailName",ontap: "tapped"}

In the above In repeater I have given ontap: "tapped" .Now I want onswipe.both I want in this repeater.

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If you are talking about Enyo 2.0, the repeater doesn't support swipeable rows. You could take a look at prepareRow/LockRow in the List implementation if you wanted to try to create your own. You can also take a look at the Enyo 1.0 source to see how swipeable rows were implemented.

Update: There is a swipeableItem in the WIP package. It's not quite 'production ready' but you can try it out and see if it works for your needs.

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