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What is the common lisp way to rename a namespace to something else. So instead of writing hunchentoot:start I could write ht:start.

I'm looking for something like pythons import A as B.

Edit: Using the accepted answer, the code for adding a nickname for hunchentoot is as follows:

(rename-package :hunchentoot :hunchentoot '(:ht))
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What you call a namespace is a Common Lisp package created with defpackage

You would like the package nickname to be ht

Performing a defpackage on an existing package has implementation defined behavior, but some implementations permit adding nicknames that way.

There is also a function rename-package that renames and adds nicknames to a package.

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Here's an example usage:… – Clayton Stanley Oct 5 '12 at 3:02

I use this :

(defpackage :foo+bar
  (:use :bar)
   #:*foo* #:foo #:foo-p #:foo-ffs!
   . #.(let (ext)
         (do-external-symbols (sym :bar)
           (push (symbol-name sym) ext))
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