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I have in User.rb model:

before_save { self.email.downcase! }

and I need to stub this method in users_controller_spec.rb:

User.any_instance.stubs(:before_save_callback_method).returns(true) #doesn't work
User.any_instance.stubs(:valid?).returns(true) #works

How can I do this?

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You don't really need to stub out the before_save callback, rather you can stub out methods called by the callback. You can move the behavior to a method and stub that instead.

before_save :downcase_email

def downcase_email

Then in your specs:

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Thank you, @beef jerky. It works fine. –  alex Oct 3 '12 at 18:50

If you are using mock, it can be done like this

describe User
  it "should accept email_downcase before save" do
    user = mock(User)
    user.should_receive(:email_down).and_return(email.downcase) # => use return in case you want to


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Thank you, @Paritosh Singh. Unfortunately it doesn't solve problem. Because problem is an error during post 'create': undefined method `downcase!' for nil:NilClass. @beef jerky gave the correct answer. –  alex Oct 3 '12 at 18:49

do you really need that before_save method? maybe it would be better if you override email=, so the email gets downcased just right after assignment and you have that downcased even before saving the record

User < ActiveRecord
  def email=(value)
    write_attribute(:email, value.downcase)

I don't know if that helps for your test, but sometimes that's better than a before_save callback

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