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my selenium webdriver - ruby test builds locally and identifies all the elements on firefox. However, it fails on the server. Strange thing is that the step it is failing on comes up 4 times in the test. And it passes the first 3 times and fails on the 4th time. How can I troubleshoot this issue? what could be the possible cause of failure?

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Rails? Go through your config directories (your local and your remote), probably there are different setups defined. Also you should turn on all verbosity (rake -v) –  Philip Oct 3 '12 at 15:03

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Not as simple as it sounds, I could resolve this issue by adding some time waits in the test script, especially around the steps which required actions on a child window. Since my test involved lots of child windows, modal windows, flash messages etc., It took me a lot of time to identify the exact step where the script failed. The server that I was running the test has a headless browser and therefore few actions(pop up window actions) take longer than usual.

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