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If I wanted to programatically assign a property to an object in Javascript, I would do it like this:

var obj = {};
obj.prop = "value";

But in TypeScript, this generates an error:

The property 'prop' does not exist on value of type '{}'

How am I supposed to assign any new property to an object in TypeScript?

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FYI. I have opened a discussion related to this if you'd like to follow it. –  silent__thought Oct 3 '12 at 15:59

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Or all in one go:

  var obj:any = {}
  obj.prop = 5;
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I tend to put any on the other side i.e. var foo:IFoo = <any>{}; So something like this is still typesafe:

interface IFoo{

// How I tend to intialize 
var foo:IFoo = <any>{};

foo.bar = "asdf";
foo.baz = "boo";
foo.boo = "boo";

// the following is an error, 
// so you haven't lost type safety
foo.bar = 123; 

Alternatively you can mark these properties as optional:

interface IFoo{

// Now your simple initialization works
var foo:IFoo = {};

Try it online

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+1 for being the only solution that keeps type safety. Just make sure you instanciate all non-optional properties directly after it, to avoid bugs biting you later on. –  Aidiakapi Apr 8 '14 at 15:18
Does this actually work? After compiling I still have <any>{} in my javascript. –  bvs Jan 22 at 2:10
I still have <any>{ then you haven't compiled. TypeScript would remove that in its emit –  basarat Jan 22 at 3:06

Although the compiler complains it should still output it as you require. However, this will work.

var s = {};
s['prop'] = true;
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You can add this declaration to silence the warnings.

declare var obj: any;

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Doesn't work for me (v0.8.3.1) in VS 2012. –  Fabian Lauer Apr 12 '13 at 21:00

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