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Is there any reason that most information I see about form submission via Javascript is done with anchor links:

<a id="submitButton" href="#">Submit</a>

instead of

<button id="submitButton">Submit</button>


    //do whatever

I cannot think of any reason that this is the standard practice, but maybe I am missing something?

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I think people do it for styling. Anchors are obviously styled differently and people sometimes want a "button" to look that way, but really submit some form. It's just a lazy way of getting it to look like a hyperlink. –  Ian Oct 3 '12 at 14:50

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Historically, it was been easier to style links to look like Not A Standard Button then rig up form submission with JS (calling the submit() method, doing something ajaxy, etc) instead of styling a real button.

There's no reason to beyond the cosmetic, and the lack of graceful degradation gives a good reason not to.

Use a regular submit button.

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Many web developers, like myself, just prefer being "different."

There is no right or wrong way to make a submit button, hell, you could make it an image...

It's just a practice, and many times, links look much prettier than buttons. Pure preference

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