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How can I force Zend Router to assemble proper urls when the site is running under a directory?

Here's what I mean:

$this->view->url(array('controller' => 'controller', 'action' => 'action'), null, true)

Would usually return something like /controller/action where in my case it returns /tbogdanov/brandenburg/controller/action, because the site is running in the directory /tbogdanov/brandenburg.

That is actually a good URL and I have no problem with it. However, when passed to $this->_redirect() the redirector just prepends the directory again. So, the final redirect url now looks like this: /tbogdanov/brandenburg/tbogdanov/brandenburg/controller/action.

Now, that's incorrect.

Is there any setting I might be missing? It seems zend is aware it is running in a directory/sub-directory, but still at some point, it ignores it. I am looking for a good generalized solution, no str_replace ones!

Also the method should work properly even if at some point the project is moved in the root directory (which will happen).

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The second parameter of _redirect() configures the options. Add array('prependBase' => false) and try again.

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try using a redirector object where you have more options for the link creation

    // Redirect to 'my-action' of 'my-controller' in the current
    // module, using the params param1 => test and param2 => test2
                                   array('param1' => 'test',
                                         'param2' => 'test2'
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