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I'm trying to create a talent calculator for myself, and the entire first sheet calls to a Data sheet that does all the background work. On the excel sheet itself, everything calls to INDEX(TableName,Row,Column) because it's much easy to keep track of and I find I often have to move data around while working on it so handling Names is easier than handling cell references.

However, I also use VBA on this sheet, and I'm rather new to it. Instead of, for example, using Range("C1"), if C1 was part of table TableOne, would there be a way to reference it like in the Excel formulas such as INDEX(TableOne,1)?

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Instead of Range, you can simply use Worksheets(...).Cells(row, column), or if TableOne is a named Range, then Range("TableOne").Cells(row, column). I'm not all sure if that's all you need...

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I'm aware of the Cells() though that still means that I'd have to use an exact reference. I will try Range("Table") and see if that works. I need something that works like the INDEX() function in Excel. – user1558773 Oct 3 '12 at 22:58
This worked! Thanks. – user1558773 Oct 3 '12 at 23:35

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