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I have created model using following Zend Framework Quick start tutorial.

Now in controller I have call fetchAll() function and I am getting value in form of array from model class. This array is look like as ...

    [0] => Admin_Model_Users Object
            [_id:protected] => 1
            [_access_id:protected] => 1
            [_firstname:protected] => test
            [_lastname:protected] => test
            [_username:protected] => admin
            [_password:protected] => 1@3$523456
            [_salt:protected] => 
            [_email:protected] => 
            [_active:protected] => 0
            [_last_access:protected] => 0
            [_created:protected] => 0


Now I have use foreach loop for getting values of array but this time it gives error like:

Message: Invalid Users Property

I have run foreach loop as follow:

    foreach($this->profile as $myprofile){
                 echo $myprofile->id; 
        } ?>

I have tried to solve it and also on Google search. But I am not getting any solution for this. Please tell me, how I can access value of array?

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The error doesn't seem related to the pasted code... –  Florent Oct 3 '12 at 15:50
Can you post your code from model(only function) and a little from controller... because you are doing wrong all stuff... –  tasmaniski Oct 3 '12 at 17:46

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It looks as though you are trying to access "_id" by using "id".

Have you tried echo $myprofile->_id; instead?

If that still isn't working, the tutorial page you linked to points to creating methods in the Admin_Model_Users class for retrieving values.

Particularly, because the variables are protected and should be accessed via a method such as $myprofile->getId() (which would need defining inside the Model).

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Thanks for your answer. Using functions like getId(), I can access the values but these all functions are defined in model file and in view file like user.phtml, I don't want to call function like getId(), getFirstname()....etc I simply want to show the all array values.... If you have any idea to solve it please suggest me.. Thanks again for your help.. –  user1414979 Oct 3 '12 at 16:45
@user1414979 If you are able to include a new function in the Model, I would suggest you define a getAll function which returns the entire array. –  Houdmont Oct 16 '12 at 16:14

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