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I have the next model:

class AssignmentReport < ActiveRecord::Base


And 2 permissions defined to manage it:

privilege: :approve_all, context: :assignment_reports


privilege: :approve_some, context: :assignment_reports

When I try in the console:

AssignmentReport.with_permissions_to(:approve_all, user: user)

It returns nothing (empty) and I expect it to return 2 records.

What am I doing wrong?

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Have you assigned all privileges to user?

Otherwise try

privilege: :approve_all, :context => :assignment_reports

privilege: :approve_some, :context => :assignment_reports

AssignmentReport.with_permissions_to(:approve_all, :user => user)

Declarative Authorization does not support new map notation.

You could although try to set your context

AssignmentReport.with_permissions_to(:approve_all, :user => user, :context => :assignment_reports)

Default context is the table name of your model.

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