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is there a way in marionette to aggregate events?

i mean it would be much easier to change this:

           MyApp.vent.on("taskMoved", function(moveData){
              // taskId, fromBucketId, toBucketId, order, $li
              moveTask(moveData.taskId,moveData.fromBucketId, moveData.toBucketId, moveData.order, moveData.li);

            MyApp.vent.on("taskMovedLast", function(moveData){
              // taskId, fromBucketId, toBucketId, order, $li
              moveTaskLast(moveData.taskId, moveData.fromBucketId, 99);

            MyApp.vent.on("taskMovedFirst", function(moveData){
              // taskId, fromBucketId, toBucketId, order, $li
              moveTaskFirst(moveData.taskId, moveData.fromBucketId, 99);

into this:


similar to the BackboneView event object.

can this be done?

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You could write a method that did that but as far as I can tell from my work with Marionette, you cannot.

However, you could do something like:

bind_events: function(events_hash){
    var that = this;
    _.each(events_hash, function(func, evt){
        MyApp.vent.on(evt, that[func]);

Pass in that hash and it will turn them all on for you.

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good stuff. thanks ;-) –  Guy Oct 3 '12 at 16:24
Obviously you'd want to make that a part of the object that contains the methods for which you're binding those events... :) –  tkone Oct 3 '12 at 16:28
sure thing - i want to keep chrome's console happy ;-) –  Guy Oct 3 '12 at 16:39

If you want to bind to all vent events try :


this is a good idea, if you want to use vent as a "proxy/mediator"

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