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I have a query expression in Cognos where I need to compare a past date to the current date. I don't see one in the functions list and I'm otherwise unsure how to put the query date inside a query object.

How can I use the current date in a query?

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Depending on your Database software, the object will be either be current_date (SQL Server) or SYSDATE{} (Oracle). If you don't know which you have, just make an expression of just the function and press the Validate button; if you get an error, you used the wrong function for your database.

You can then use this object like any other Date query object, so you can add/compare it to dates in your query or display it somewhere on the page.

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There is also a 'date' constant, but that is a Cognos application constant, so the filter will be applied after the query is pulled from the database, so use with caution. Using your Database-specific date function is usually better. – Damienknight Jan 21 '14 at 17:21

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