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I have a model called User with an attribute called current_sign_in_at. In my en.yml file I have the display name as such…

        current_sign_in_at: "Last sign-in"

…which allows me to display the desired form label ("Last sign-in") using = f.label :current_sign_in_at.

But how can I use this same translation for a table header, i.e. not in a form?

%th= :current_sign_in_at
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You can use the static method "human_attribute_name", See the doc here on API dock

In your case:

%th= User.human_attribute_name :current_sign_in_at

(use User.human_name to display the model name translated with I18n in en.activerecord.models.user)

Hope this helps!

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That's perfect! Just what I was hoping for. Many thanks @MrYoshiji! – matharden Oct 3 '12 at 19:15

Another option for internationalized table headings is the table_for gem.

This will let you write erb code like:

<%= table_for @user do |table| %>
  <% table.column :current_sign_in_at %>
<% end %>
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