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I established an extended permission with Facebook connect, works like a charm, but i just can't seem to publish messages on my wall.

i keep getting this error: error code 100: Invalid parameter

my code:

var message:String = "test facebookconnect";
var publishpost:PublishPost = new PublishPost(message, null, null, null);

publishpost.addEventListener(FacebookEvent.COMPLETE, function(e:FacebookEvent) {
    MonsterDebugger.trace(this, e);

publishpost.addEventListener(FacebookEvent.ERROR, function(e:FacebookEvent) {
    MonsterDebugger.trace(this, e);

publishpost.addEventListener(FacebookEvent.CONNECT, function(e:FacebookEvent) {
    MonsterDebugger.trace(this, e);


Any clear examples/tutorials would help a lot in how to use this publishpost with the actionscript API

thanks in advance.

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