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I am using HtmlAgilityPack to grab a table from a web page.

HtmlWeb web = new HtmlWeb();
HtmlDocument doc = web.Load("");

I am aware that HtmlWeb has a UserAgent property, however I have no idea how I am supposed to attach a user agent to the header of the httprequest.

HtmlWeb web = new HtmlWeb().UserAgent("asdf");

returns the error

Error   1   Non-invocable member 'HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlWeb.UserAgent' cannot be used like a method. HtmlAgilityPack support discussions appear as simply questions, but nobody on the other end to respond. There is NO documentation here yet. Tried downloading the documentation, to find that the chm file seems broken... I'm getting a Navigation to the webpage was cancelled error when I try to open anything within the chm documentation.

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You can always use WebRequest and load the string to the HAP from it. – Oded Oct 3 '12 at 16:17

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Just set the UserAgent property of the HtmlWeb object after instantiating it.

HtmlWeb web = new HtmlWeb();
web.UserAgent = "your useragent string here";
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HtmlWeb.UserAgent is a property, not a method. Its Intellisense summary is:

Gets or Sets the User Agent HTTP 1.1 header sent on any webrequest

Try something like:

HtmlWeb web = new HtmlWeb();
web.UserAgent = "asdf"; // Replace this with your actual user agent :)
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UserAgent is the property of HtmlWeb. You can use it this way:

HtmlWeb web = new HtmlWeb();
web.UserAgent = "[user agent string here]";
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