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What I want to achieve is easily explained: change the background color of a wpf-tabitem in case it is selected (it should fit the window background). All other properties of the default control should stay the same.

The dump solution I came up with is to copy the whole default style into my ResourceDictionary and replace the color #FFF9F9F9 in the following section:

 <Trigger Property="Selector.IsSelected">
  /* ..... cutting some lines here ....*>
  <Setter Property="Panel.Background" TargetName="Bd">

Obviously, I do not like this and tried to apply inheritance (BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type TabItem}}"). This had no effect. Then I experimented with template settings. However, I failed to deal with the border in the default template, referenced avobe by "Bd". Adding the border to my ContentTemplated worked, but all other funcionalities of the default TabItem were gone (mouseover etc).

Can someone give me a hint how to change this color property without copying the whole default template? Any help appreciated!

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If the color is not linked to a property (like Background) in the default template you will have to replace the template with an edited copy, there is no other (acceptable) way of changing it.

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There is a property ("Panel.Background") but it is not accessible. I hoped there would be some workaround. Thank you for making it clear that there is no other way. –  user1717654 Oct 8 '12 at 7:30

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