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Running jar file with embedded Java. No preinstalled java in the Mac machine.

I need to run a jar file in Mac OS X, where there is no Java installed. I have downloaded the portable Java for Mac. But can't able to run that from shell command. Please help me to run the jar using portable, embedded Java.

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What error are you getting? Does your shell script include a JAVA_HOME variable or another variable of that sort?

Such a variable would have to be set to point to the instance of java that you have installed, assuming you have the correct version required by your application.

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without a JRE on the machine, you CANNOT run a .jar file. You'd have to use some sort of tool (ie. Launch4j) to create a native binary. Most of these tools will create a native executable which embeds the JVM (dll, so, etc...) and use C/C++ code to initialize a jvm instance. Once the jvm is initialized, it can run your code.

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