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I am trying to figure out how the PS3 start its video driver.

What calls to static int __init ps3fb_init(void) in the linux kernel source code?

  • What calls insmod on this module?
  • Where does it happen in the souce code?
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ps3fb_init is called by module_init.

static int __init ps3fb_init(void)
        if (!ps3fb_videomemory.address ||  ps3fb_setup())
                return -ENXIO;

        return ps3_system_bus_driver_register(&ps3fb_driver);



udev loads required modules during booting. From udev docs,

  - All kernel events are matched against a set of specified rules in
    /etc/udev/rules.d/ which make it possible to hook into the event
    processing to load required kernel modules and setup devices. For all
    devices the kernel exports a major/minor number, udev will create a
    device node with the default kernel name or the one specified by a
    matching udev rule.
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