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I'd like to merge URL params in a form_tag, but I am finding that I can't dictate what the params are as they are overwritten. The purpose of passing params is to provide filtering and ordering variables, and as such, I want them visible in the URL and not hidden.

The closest I've come is to do this:

form_tag( :controller => 'assets',:action => 'index', :params => params.merge(:order => 'name'), :method => :get) do

The problem is that the :get method is simply passed as another param and not actually as a method, so it resolves to a POST.

I've also tried the following, which also doesn't work.

form_tag(params.merge(:order => 'name', :method => :get) do

The path is correct, but the URL params are strangely formatted, as you see that the param isn't prefixed with a &, but is nevertheless lost when the form is submitted.

action="/assets?commit=Filter&order=name&utf8=%E2%9C%93" method="get"

Here is another example of the overwriting of the params. The following code will generate the underlying element of the form code, but the params will be removed.

form_tag(url_for(:order => 'name'), :method => :get) do

Underlying code, which the params will not get passed on submission:

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in my experience, using a "hidden" input tag inside the form is the usual way:

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This should be a comment. Linking answers aren't great - try to paraphrase and then link. – xxmbabanexx Mar 3 '13 at 21:49

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