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I am writing a prestashop module. And inside the install function I want to create a Back office tab to administrate my module operations. Is that possible using Prestashop classes and without creating the bad in the database directly ?

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Yes you can do it. Create table database your class object model and insert your class into table database tab.

For example I modify module mymodule documentation 1.4 :

     public function install()


         if (parent::install() == false OR 

                 !$this-registerHook('leftColumn') OR 

                     CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `'._DB_PREFIX_.'test` (

                         `id_test` int(6) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,

                         `test` varchar(255) NOT NULL,

                         PRIMARY KEY(`id_test`)

                     ) ENGINE='._MYSQL_ENGINE_.' default CHARSET=utf8') OR 

             return false;
         return true;

     public function setTab() {
         if (!Db::getInstance()-Execute(
                         "INSERT INTO `"._DB_PREFIX_."tab` 
                             (`class_name`, `position`, `id_parent`) 
                             VALUES ('AdminTest', '10', '1')"
                 return false;

         $id = Db::getInstance()-insert_id();
         $count = (int)Db::getInstance()-getValue('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'lang');

         while ($count  0) {
             if (!Db::getInstance()-Execute(
                         "INSERT INTO `"._DB_PREFIX_."tab_lang` 
                             (`id_tab`, `id_lang`, `name`) 
                             VALUES (".$id.", ".  $count.", 'Test Tab')"
                 return false;


         if (!TabCore::initAccess($id))            
             return false;

         return true;

Try modify install function and add setTab function. You can modify for your module.

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Prestashop has got a class for doing this. This is the Tab class. Use the function add.

See `

$tab = new Tab();
$tab->class_name = 'your_class';
$tab->id_parent = 0;
$tab->module = 'Your module';
$tab->name[(int)(Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT'))] = $this->l('Module name');
return $tab->add();


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you don't have to create the admintap file in admin/tab

only download this module and see how it work Prestashop Autoupgrade module

it is a standard prestashop module that create new tab for itself

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Yes it is possible, you can give your module its own tab or sub-tab, take a look at the following documentation :

The only problem is that you have to add files outside your module folder, and add tab manually in back office...

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Yes, I have seen this. It is the adding manually the tab that I wanted to avoid. I want to do it from the code inside the install function. I figured How they are stored in the database I just didn't want to create it directly I wanted to do it in a cleaner way through prestashop's own classes. –  Ayoub Oct 4 '12 at 10:17

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