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I have encounter an problem with using javascript/jquery to read XML file's nodes.

Say We have a xml file like this


For this xml file, on the first level, there is a name with content"Rose", and in the second level there are also has a name with content"Jack"

I have tried to use jquery's function to read the file:

var NAME;
$.get('myxml.xml', 'xml', function(d){
    NAME = $(d).find('name').text();

But in this way, everytime the NAME will contain the combine of two node's contents, like 'JackRose'

If I just want to get the contents of the second node, the 'Rose' one to be read and stored, what should I do?

Thank you!

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.eq(1).text() should get you "Rose" – Kevin B Oct 3 '12 at 17:52

You can use each method:

$.get('myxml.xml', 'xml', function(d){
        var txt = $(this).text()

Or eq method:

$.get('myxml.xml', 'xml', function(d){
    var $name = $(d).find('name');
    var first = $name.eq(0).text()        
    var second = $name.eq(1).text()
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var NAME;
$.get('myxml.xml', 'xml', function(d){
    NAME = $(d).find('root > name').text();
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As the second one is a direct child of the root element it can be found like this:

var NAME;
$.get('myxml.xml', 'xml', function(d){
    NAME = $(d).find('> name').text();

Depending on the xml, if the root element is'nt really the root element, and often there is a <xml> element as the root element, the selector would be ('root > name') !

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Great! Thank you! – Arthur0902 Oct 3 '12 at 18:55

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