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I need to replace text in a folder full of text files. How would I go about this?


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tell application "Finder"
    set l to files of desktop as alias list
end tell
repeat with f in l
    set input to read f as «class utf8»
    set text item delimiters to "search"
    set ti to text items of input
    set text item delimiters to "replace"
    set b to open for access f with write permission
    set eof b to 0
    write (ti as text) to b as «class utf8»
    close access b
end repeat

I mostly just use find in project in TextMate or Ruby scripts like this:

Dir["#{ENV['HOME']}/Desktop/*"].each do |f|
  input =, "replace"), "w") { |f| f.print(input) }

You could also use sed:

sed -i '' 's/search/replace/g' ~/Desktop/*
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