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I have a couple files that were recently edited on windows and via Cpanel's file editor and now show up double spaced (as in an extra line CR/LF between each line). Vim is telling me (via :set ff?) the file format is unix (and I'm working on a Mac). If I show special characters via :set list all the lines just end in $. I tried setting the format via :e ++ff=mac which appears to remove all line breaks in the currently edited document and when I write the file and re-open it's back to being double spaced. I also tried searching and replacing ^M and various \r\n combinations. I know I'm missing something simple but can someone shed some light on what is going on? Is this even a line ending issue?

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It appears to be a line ending issue.

The Vim wiki has this to say on the subject:


I, however, for expediency, when faced with a line ending problem, use BBEdit on my Mac to change them to Unix (I share, on the LAN, my eight Linux boxes with a Macbook Pro so I use a directory in Dropbox to transfer files across. scp will do the same job).

Unless you have a copy of BBEdit lying about, you can download Barebones's free Text Wrangler & it'll do the same job. Only works on a Mac obviously...

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Phil - First thank you. I downloaded TextWrangler and opened it and it says the file is Unix (LF) formatted with a encoding of Unicode (UTF-8). Changing it has zero effect on the formatting no matter which choice I made. Could it be an encoding issue? I'm also wondering if perhaps it had windows endings and Cpanel converted it to unix format so now it's legitimately double spaced (not a line terminator issue)? –  JSP Oct 4 '12 at 18:03

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