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I am running Oracle JDK 7u10 (the latest developer preview). I have packaged a Java application as a .app bundle using the Simplericity Java Packaging plugin. When I execute my app, I get a pop-up with an exception: "Uncaught exception in Main method: 'java.lang.exceptionInInitializerError", but no stack trace. I would like to view the full stack trace to figure out what's going on. Where does the log end up for apps launched this way? I have tried to redirect System.err to a file, but I believe the exception is being thrown from within the Simplericity code, so it never gets to my app's main method and redirects the output.

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Standard output generated by an .app is captured by the operating system. It should be visible using Console.app, or by running syslog -C in the Terminal.

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