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I'm not sure if I'm misssing something or what, but I can't seem to find the request/response headers for anything except the most recent request even when recording networking requests in Safari 6.0.1's debugger.

I did the follow:

  1. Enabled Recording under Instruments
  2. Navigated to a page
  3. Viewed the initial Document request and saw it's request/response headers
  4. Submitted a form on that page which redirected me to a different site

Now when I look at the network requests, I can view the requests/response headers for the most recent request made by the browser but it seems to have lost the headers for the requests previous to that.

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In 6.0.3, I can see the request and response headers, but I can't see any way to view the actual content of the request/response. – justspamjustin Apr 29 '13 at 16:22

An old question, but this still stumped me for a bit. Hit the 'Resource' button in the top right corner and a sidebar slides out from the right with header information

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Looks like in Safari 6.0.4 you can see the full request/response headers and you can double click the line containing the request to see the contents of the response.

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