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I have some html code which is loaded by reading some json. Inside that data there are some links.

I need to add onclick="myfunction();" to the anchors of these links.

As I don't want any other links to be changed I have added a class to all internal link (Links which are not imported).

What I need is some jquery which would do this:

IF Links have not go class="internal" then add onclick="myfunction();"**

So if link looks like:

<a href="" class="internal">Click me</a>

then nothing is done

but if it's like this:

<a href="">Click me</a>

then it's changed to this:

<a href="" onclick="myfunction();">Click me</a>

How can I do this?

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Use the not psuedoselector:

$('a:not(".internal")').on('click', function () {
    // click handler code here
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use the not selector

$('a').not('.classname').click(function() { ... });
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Just, don't.

Unless you have very specific reason for using explicit onclick attributes on your HTML (and I can't think of a good reason why you'd want to), just use $('a:not(.internal)').on('click', myfunction);.

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Pass the this parameter to your function


function myfunction(elem){
    if(elem.className == '' || elem.className !== 'internal') return;


Or you can remove your event from the HTML and add it using jQuery..

<a href="">Click me</a> then it's changed to this: <a href="" >Click me</a>

$('body').on('click' ,  'a' , function(e) {

     if( e.target.className == '' || e.target.className !== 'internal') e.preventDefault();


This will only add the click event that

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