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I have an AppleScript:

on run
    set pathName to "/Users/Alexander/Documents/GeekTool/DiskCapacityMeter"
    set usedSpace to (do shell script "df -hl | grep 'disk0s2' | awk '{sub(/%/, \"\");print $5}'") as integer

    set theNumber to (round (usedSpace / 5)) * 5

    do shell script ("cp " & pathName & "/img/" & theNumber & ".png " & pathName & "/temp.png")
end run

(downloaded from: Here)

I wanna change this script to show my CPU usage instead of my disc capacity, and since i really don't know any AppleScript, i have no clue how to change it.

I just know i need to change this part:

(do shell script "df -hl | grep 'disk0s2' | awk '{sub(/%/, \"\");print $5}'")

to give me my CPU usage instead of my disc capacity.. if it's even possible to get my CPU usage this way?

edit* There are 11 picures associated with this script (0-10.png) and a twelfth picture (temp.png) that changes to one of the first 11 depending on the number generated by the script.

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I don't know how accurate this is, but the CPU usage at single points of time has a lot of variance:

ps axo %cpu | awk '{s+=$1}END{print s}'

This would be even less accurate, because top itself uses a lot of CPU:

top -l1 -n0 | sed -En 's/^CPU usage: ([^%]*)% user, ([^%]*)%.*/\1+\2/p' | bc
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ps axo %cpu | awk '{s+=$1}END{print s}' this kinda works.. but i get the error message: error "Can not change \"67.1\" to type integer." number -1700 from "67.1" to integer – Alexander Oct 3 '12 at 21:32
sry, it works even tho i get the error message. Thank you! – Alexander Oct 3 '12 at 21:41
do you know a way to get RAM usage? – Alexander Oct 3 '12 at 21:52

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