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I have a list of N elements in SML.

I want to apply a function to every element in that list, so I use map.

However the function I want to apply has more than 1 argument like this:

 foo a b (c, d)

Where a is the element I am using from the list and b c and d are predefined variables that are the same every time.

I declare my function like this:

 fun foo2 = map foo aList b (c,d)

but I get an operator and operand error, which was expected but I can think of any other way to do this.

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Your foo2 function seems to be missing arguments? – npostavs Oct 3 '12 at 20:07
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It would be most convenient if the order of foo's args were changed; you can, of course, make a wrapper:

fun foo_swapped_args b (c,d) a = foo a b (c, d)

Then you could do

map (foo_swapped_args b (c,d)) aList
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fun foo2 list = map (fn x => foo x b (c, d)) list
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